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The first television hot news for the day is about Beintehaa actress Preetika Rao. Preetika’s recent initiative is an inspiration to all of us. You all must be wondering as to why we are saying this, isn’t it? The beautiful actress apart from being a good actor has a golden heart. Preetika, who is a vegan and a support of animal cause, is now a member of PETA (Animal Rights Organization). Yes, you heard it right! Preetika says that she gave-up eating non-vegetarian food when she was in school and she simultaneously also stopped using leather bags too.

Somehow bags made of goat-grained skin, lamb skin, cow, etc …never appealed her and she could never get herself to carry it. The actress further went on to add that till today if she uses branded bags she make sure they are pure canvas. PETA caught her attention when she was a teenager she was always fascinated with the work they do for animal-welfare and animal-rights-protection. Of late, PETA INDIA started couriering home petitions for animal-rights addressed to Ministers of Social Welfare which she would sign and send back…and also contribute with donations.

PETA soon made her a member and sent her an official membership card. It feels wonderful to be a part of an organization whose work has always meant so much to her ever since she was a school student. The second television gossip for the day is about Zee TV’s show Kaala Teeka. Recently, Bhupinder Singh, who played the villain in the show left the daily, there is another actress who has quit the show.

We hear that actress Fenil Umrigar, who plays the role of Gauri in the daily, has quit the show. As per a reliable source, she has put down her papers day before yesterday (13 September). She has informed about the same to the production house, channel and CINTAA (Cine and TV Artiste Association). It’s been reported that Fenil was not happy with the way her character was progressing in the show and also she was not interested in playing an out and out negative character.

Fenil’s notice period will be ending in mid of December. Reports are abuzz that the actress might stay back in the show if her character turns positive. But for now, the girl has chosen to quit the show. The show also features Simran Pareenja and Rohan Gandotra as the leads. Well, this is not the first time that the Zee TV leads have quit the show. Nia Sharma from Jamai Raja, Sidhant Gupta from Tashan-e-Ishq, Drashti Dhami and Siddharth Karnick from Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani had all moved out of their shows.

So, these were the latest television gossip for the day. Stay tuned for more such latest television hot news. Author is banker by profession and in his free time writes television news and gossip blogs in India. Stay tuned for more such latest television hot news of your favorite celebrities and serials.

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