Ciara gets cosy with NFL star boyfriend Russell Wilson in Hawaii

Ciara’s football star boyfriend Russell Wilson must know what a knockout his girlfriend is, but she certainly helped him to remember this week.

The sexy 30-year-old R&B singer was hands on her man as she joined him at the NFL Pro Bowl football practice in Kahuku, Hawaii on Saturday.

Ciara – who also enticed Russell by sharing a revealing swimsuit Instagram the day before – had a confident smile on her face as she enjoyed a cuddly ride aboard a go-cart with the athlete.

Enjoying the ride: Ciara looked comfy and cuddly on the lap of NFL star boyfriend Russell Wilson as they were carted along during Pro Football practice in Kahuku, Hawaii on Saturday

The That’s My Boy singer may have had those words on her mind while sitting on Russell’s lap and grinning like the cat that just the canary.






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Ciara was clad in ever-popular Daisy Dukes that showed off her long and lean legs along with a clingy black short-sleeved T-shirt that also displayed her amazingly toned arms.

She added high-top black buckled sandals for rugged flair, and tinted aviator shades that concealed her eyes.

Closer: The 30-year-old singer was happy and content as the couple enjoyed the warm air and beautiful sights of Hawaii

New: The couple started dating in April of 2015 and still had that ‘new’ glow 

Don’t worry, plugin gratis he’s looking: The Seattle Seahawks quarterback must know a good thing when he sees it but Ciara gave him something else to remember when she posted this sexy swimsuit shot on Friday

Ciara wore her long hair in a sassy ponytail with the length of tresses reaching past the middle of her back.

The leggy beauty gave Russell something else to admire when she posed on a lush green lawn while clad in a sexy black one-piece bathing suit.

Her skin was radiant and glowing as she stood in a way that flattered her athletic figure, her eyes shaded by a cap and her feet clad in sporty Converse trainers.

Take a closer look: Ciara allowed a closer glimpse of her lace-up black bathing suit and her cleavage when she shared this selfie

Daisy Dukes: The R&B singer showed off her toned legs in denim cut-offs and toned arms in tight T-shirt

Social: Ciara chatted up a pal of Russell’s on the football practice field

She also shared a close-up selfie in which she displayed more cleavage and half of her face.

Ciara also spent time at Russell’s NFL practice on Friday, this time making her presence known in a billowy white, button-down blouse.

On Wednesday, the Seattle Seahawks quarterback learned a powerful lesson about the written word.

Light and breezy: On Friday Ciara chose to wear a fashionable white blouse to her beau’s football practice

Stunning: Ciara was smiling all the time while flashing a hint of cleavage in her low-buttoned top

The 27-year-old took to social media to post a romantic message about Ciara, using the hashtag #WomanCrushWednesday.

Unfortunately, the words were not written by him, but a verse he had likely found on Google by searching ways to describe a beautiful woman.

‘I kissed her & she had honey sweet lips that were lilac soft w/ a loving & affectionate personality,’ Russell wrote in the caption of a sexy photo of Ciara.

Controversy: Russell Wilson landed in hot water after he was accused of plagiarism and passing off a romantic verse as his own on Wednesday

There were over 3,000 ‘likes,’ until one of his followers let it be known that he basically ripped it off.

‘For the record, I googled his weird tweet [because] I thought it might be lyrics,’ Natalie Weiner, an editor at Billboard, explained. ‘Never could have possibly imagined how sad the reality was.’

She discovered a post on WordPress offering writing tips for ‘describing a beautiful woman’ that used all too familiar words used in Russell’s tweet.

Busted: An editor at Billboard pointed out the remarkable similarities between Russell’s tweet and a verse found on a WordPress site



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