Samsung Galaxy S4 Active User Review

In case there's one picture that sums up the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active pertaining to AT&T, this is it. Lowers of water, artistically (approximately) sitting atop the Android mobile phone smartphone. It cares not that numerous hundred dollars worth of electronics are flirting which has a phone's worst enemy. In simple fact, the Active seems to delightful it.

Samsung has taken what debatably is its best Galaxy S yet – that'd are the proper Galaxy S4 – and in nearly a similar breath, announced a more sturdy version. These are fraternal twins babies. Same overall look and experience, but with a few important differences that also be sure you won't mistake one for the opposite.

In the United States, the Active is surely an AT&T exclusive, sold alongside it can be ever-so-slightly older brother. So is one a greater buy than the other?

The excellent: Samsung's Galaxy S4 Active carries a sporty design, takes strong sunny days photos, and delivers the tastes Android 4. 2 features. What's more, it has a great speakerphone.

Your bad: Aqua mode is preset focus, the S4 Active usually takes weak low light shots, plus the phone isn't as durable while its name suggests. Its 8-megapixel camera is lower resolution than the original Universe S4's.

The bottom line: Find the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active due to the sporty style, fast internals, along with underwater camera fun, but pass should you be an image snob or seek a totally rugged phone.

Summing up the Active is often a pretty easy proposition. Take the main Galaxy S4, 우리계열 and beef it up just a little. The Active, at 5. fifty one by 2. 80 by 0. 30 inches, 우리카지노총판 is. 13 inches tall, 0. 06 inches wider along with. 04 inches thicker than their counterpart. Side by side you'll spot the difference, but probably not while it stands alone. Not that you notice, but it gains another 0. 8 ounces in bodyweight, too. We've said for a long time that the race to a new thinner phone hasn't necessarily made a greater phone, and the beefier Active is often a testament to that.

All the standard parts are in the very same places. Volume rocker, headphone jack port, power button, earpiece, speaker, camera housing - all look for the Active as they do for the GS4 proper.

The biggest big difference, of course, is the inclusion of about three physical buttons - the menu and back buttons have this new treatment - instead of just a physical home button. You are able to make a decent argument to the physical buttons being better as opposed to capacitive sort for a mobile phone this size. They give anyone tactile feedback, which means you won't need to look down to make sure you're hitting the correct spot.

The other idea, naturally, is that they behave superior to capacitive buttons when wet. Samsung's done a great job here. They have ample click to them, as well as the best amount of texture. They've also got a great, understated design that keeps the style interesting without getting in terms.

Flip the phone over and you will probably see the other major actual physical difference. The design is more industrial than the original Universe S4 - we dare say we as it better. Exposed screws and a little texture at the pinnacle and bottom give the Active some personality that this GS4 proper lacks. Also note the threshold that fits into and in the microUSB port, to keep out the weather.

Also note the rubber gasket that fits in the recess around the phone's critical bits. This is a feature of great importance if you need to keep moisture - or the contents of an swimming pool - out of people sensitive areas. The Active can be rated for IP67, which means it's dustproof which enable it to hang out underwater as deep as 1 meter provided that 30 minutes. That leads people to...

We'd recommend patience. Take some time and make sure everything's effectively seated and sealed. And it can be ugly, but maybe leave that sticker there as being a reminder.

Other odds and concludes

No problems on our stop for either voice or files.

Same for GPS or Bluetooth.

NFC is still on aboard. No, we didn't test the idea underwater.

The Active doesn't cause you to be swim better or hike extended. It just handles it better than you might ultimately.

The rear speaker is high in volume and high and tinny, standard for Samsung phones, even while using extra waterproofing. Still sounds fine after being subtracted from the water and drying off of.

Samsung has thrown in a new flashlight app! Go to Settings>My Device to discover "Torch light. " You will then set a shortcut to stimulate it by pressing and holding volume-up if your display is off. You could also set a timeout. Hitting some other buttons turns off the torch.

Never mind the trade-offs. This phone simply is more pleasant to use than the initial Galaxy S4. You can apply it as an (expensive) upside down camera, or simply use your waterproofing as insurance against the untimely death. You've got almost all of the bells and whistles that will be in the proper Galaxy S4, 우리카지노추천 all in a very more survivable package.

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